Vince Cable, our minister for business said: “There is worrying evidence that a significant number of employers are not paying apprentices the relevant minimum wage rate. Apprenticeships are at the heart of our goal to support a stronger economy, and so it is important to continue to make them attractive to young people. Therefore, I am not taking forward the Low Pay Commission’s recommendation to freeze the apprenticeship rate due to non-compliance, but instead am raising it in line with the youth rates.”

Mr Cable warned apprenticeships must be paid the relevant minimum wage. He continued: “We are working on a series of tough new measures to ensure we tackle non-compliance issues across the board.” It is criminal offense for an employer not to pay someone at least the relevant minimum wage.

Do you understand when an apprenticeship finished and what is classified as an apprenticeship?

We had a client recently who is a tradesman employing an apprentice and paying them the apprentice minimum wage. The problem we found was they weren’t enrolled in an official apprenticeship scheme. I think there is a huge amount of confusion between the old fashioned apprenticeships and modern.

We don’t provide apprenticeships but can help make sure your on the right side of the law and point you in the direction of some of the UK’s best providers.