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What happens when introverts and extroverts clash! 

I work 2 hours a week teaching enterprise skills to students at Northumbria University. I always try to teach them something taken from the real world of business. This week we had a fantastic guest lecture by Rob Gwyther from Accenture. He looked at team working…

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PAYE in Real Time (RTI)

From 6 April 2013 you must report PAYE information in real time. You may see this referred to as Real Time Information – or RTI. All employers report PAYE in real time. Each time you pay an employee you must submit details about employees’ pay…

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Minimum Wage Increase

Are you aware the national minimum wage will rise to £6.31 for adults from October? This is a 12 pence increase for those over the age of 20. Those between 18 and 20 will receive a 5 pence increase to £5.03 and if you employ…

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