If business is about making money, why do we feel intimidated by our accounts? You can keep more of the money you earn, if you know how.

About this Event

“Management Accounts for Dummies” is going to take your head out of the sand and help you understand how money in business really works in plain English.

In the room I am going to drill down into:

  • How you can pay yourself from your own business
  • How money in the bank translates into a profit and loss
  • Interpret your own cash flow
  • What is the balance sheet and why is it important?
  • Learn how depreciation works
  • Prepayments and accruals in simple plain English
  • What is a capital allowance?
  • How to deal with company vehicles?
  • Keeping a better eye on your tax liability (avoiding surprises!)
  • Why Payroll is important for company directors
  • What software can we use to make accounting easier?

And lots lots more!

There is no up-selling, just valuable content which you can take and use immediately.

The workshop is Tuesday 29th October 10:00am to 12:00pm at Summerhill Bowling Club – Tea and Coffee is provided.

We look forward to seeing you!