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The billing blackhole

We won a new client recently and I read something interesting in a letter from the previous accountants. It said, “We bill based on the seniority and expertise of the staff member”. I mentioned in a facebook post recently that only by providing brilliant service…

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What happens when introverts and extroverts clash! 

I work 2 hours a week teaching enterprise skills to students at Northumbria University. I always try to teach them something taken from the real world of business. This week we had a fantastic guest lecture by Rob Gwyther from Accenture. He looked at team working…

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Do I Actually Need a Will?

We’ve been asked by a few of our clients recently if they actually need a Will in case the worst happens. Yes, I know this is a morbid blog post but it’s especially important if you have assets and family. Fortunately, Justin’s mum is a practicing…

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Choosing a Name for your Business

We’ve been helping a number of clients recently start new businesses (mainly limited companies) and one of the biggest challenges they face is choosing a name. I’ve quickly pulled this guide together to help you. There are a few simple checks I think everyone looking to…

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